The Digital Catalogue of Chinese Buddhism

Version 3

A catalogue of Chinese-language Buddhist publications from 1860 to 1949
Compiled and edited by Gregory Adam Scott 史瑞戈 編輯

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書目資料來源 Sources

Beijing tushuguan 北京圖書館, ed., Minguo shiqi zong shumu 民國時期總書目 (Bibliography of Republican-era Publications) (1911-1949), Vol. 15 (宗教). Beijing: Shumu wenxian chubanshe, 1986.

Huang Xia'nian 黃夏年, ed., 民國佛教期刊文獻集成 Minguo Fojiao qikan wenxian jicheng (Collection of Republican-Era Buddhist Periodical Literature), 209 vols. Beijing: Quanguo tushuguan 全國圖書館, 2006.

Huang Xia'nian, ed., 民國佛教期刊文獻集成.補編 Minguo fojiao qikan wenxian jicheng bubian (Supplement to the Collection of Republican-Era Buddhist Periodical Literature), 83 vols. Beijing: Zhongguo shudian 中國書店, 2008.

Long Xiangyang 龍向洋, ed., 美國哈佛大學哈佛燕京圖書館藏民國時期圖書總目 Catalogue of Books of the Period of the Republic of China Collected in Harvard-Yenching Library, Harvard University, U.S.A. Guilin: Guangxi shifan daxue chubanshe, 2010. Additional information from the HOLLIS online catalogue.

Luo Cheng 羅琤, Jinling kejing chu yanjiu 金陵刻經處硏究 (A Study of the Jinling Scriptural Press). Shanghai: Shanghai shehui kexue yuan, 2010.

Yang Wenhui 楊文會, comp., Foxue shumu biao 佛學書目表 (Book Catalogue of Buddhist Studies). Nanjing: Jinling kejing chu, [1902]. In Yang Wenhui, Yang Renshan quanji 楊仁山全集 (Complete Writings of Yang Renshan). Hefei: Huangshan shushe, 2000.

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